ETF is bringing together qualifications experts to establish the QP Correspondents Network


Mutual learning for better National Qualifications Systems – Seminar for Qualifications Platform’ Correspondents, Kyiv, 10-11 March 2016

Experts from ETF partner countries in Eastern and South Eastern Europe met in Kyiv to discuss how a network of correspondents in the field could become more active supporters of the online Qualifications Platform.

At the event, the progress in implementing National Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia was presented and discussed. All these countries are currently developing their NQFs and facing sometimes similar challenges.

The objectives of the seminar was to:

  • Establish a network of QP correspondents
  • Present the Global NQF Inventory
  • Promote further dialogue and knowledge sharing on matters of common interest related to Qualifications.



Global Inventory of Regional and National Qualificat​ions Frameworks

Country presentations:


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