System of Professional Qualifications

Promotion of formation and development of the system of professional qualifications and its components:

Sector Councils

Assessment Centres

Occupational standards (OS)

Sector Councils

  • Methodological and methodical assistance in the development and operation of Sector Councils
  • Maintaining the register of Sector Councils  (professional qualifications repository)
  • Designing professional development programs for personnel of Sector Councils
  • Assistance in compiling rankings of educational institutions

Assessment Centres

  • Methodological and methodical assistance in the formation and operation of Assessment Centres
  • Maintaining the register of Assessment Centres (professional qualifications repository)
  • Participation in designing assessment tools for learning outcomes (knowledge and professional skills)
  • Designing assessor training and professional development programs

NQF implementation

National Qualifications Framework (2011)

Action plan for the implementation of the National Qualification Framework (2012)

Occupational standards

  • Summarizing approaches to OS formation
  • Maintaining the register of the developed OS (Professional Qualifications Repository)
  • Methodical assistance in the OS development
  • Ensuring the use of OS by all stakeholders

Quality Assurance of Education

  • Ensuring that Occupational Standards (labour market requirements) are taken into account while designing educational programs / standards
  • Development of comparison tools  for occupational and educational standards/ programs;
  • Assistance in preparation for accreditation of educational programs
  • Participation in the work on curricula and educational programs evaluation on compliance to Occupational Standards and other labour market requirements