Update digest of the "World of Professions" Digital Platform of Vocational Education

Update digest of the "World of Professions" Digital Platform of Vocational Education

During the last week, new educational materials were posted on the "World of Professions" Platform:
- 25 videos of materials and webinars provided by the Henkel Ukraine Company as part of the Memorandum signed between the Institute of Professional Qualifications and LLC II "HENKEL Bautechnik (Ukraine)" on November 14, 2022 have been added for the profession of "Plasterer-tile maker". We are grateful to the project manager, chief coordination specialist of the Department of Technical Customer Service Serhiy Shtokin for quality materials;
- Master class "Making a corset" was added for the profession "Tailor". We are grateful to Svitlana Krekota and the management of the Mykolaiv Higher Professional School of Technology and Design for this useful study guide;
- for professions in the construction sector ("Installer of building insulation systems", "Construction carpenter", "Installer of sanitary-technical systems and equipment" and others) were added Comprehensive short-term training programs and training plans for obtaining partial qualifications, retraining and advanced training in energy efficiency for technologically related professions in the construction industry. We are grateful to the Project "Thermomodernization and insulation of building facades: through training for energy efficiency", which was carried out as part of the "Professional qualifications" component of the project "Reforms in the field of energy efficiency in Ukraine, which was implemented by GIZ GmbH and financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany for the materials provided. We are grateful to the management of vocational education institutions of Ukraine for the provided training programs and plans for these construction professions, which we have placed in the "Regulatory materials" sections;
- added State educational standards for professions approved in 2023 (within the framework of the Memorandum concluded between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Institute of Professional Qualifications dated January 16, 2023).
The update of the "World of Professions" Platform continues.
The "World of Professions" team is interested in involving teachers of educational institutions of all levels in the preparation and posting of author's educational materials for licensed professions on the Platform.
The procedure for adding educational materials to the Platform is described in detail in the "Questions and Answers" section of the Platform.